Central Point Software was named after the town, Central Point, in the US State of Oregon.  It was founded in the early 1980's with the package Copy II+.  The program was an essential package in almost any users library during the era of the Apple II.  This is due in part due to the lack of copies of software and the inability of Apples provided utilities to make useful backups for archival purposes.

The program eventually went through 9 major versions and dozens of minor versions finally ending on the 9.x series.  This series of software was provisioned for both the Apple II Dos and ProDos operating systems.  

Several hacks of the program also provided the ability to copy Unidisk floppies as well as hard disk images.

In 1991, as Central Point Software was making the transition with the rest of the  world into the PC realm, Symantec bought the company for a reported $60 Million.  Of course, the entire product line was shut down and thus the company was left with this huge loss on their books. 

Copy II Plus version 9.1 and the manual is included here out of completeness and the fact that it is readily available on the internet already.